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Rockin 2010, Let’s Get This Party Started..

January 2, 2010 1 comment

2010, what an amazing thing to hear.

It’s a New Year, and the opportunity to start something fresh. In the photography business, this is a slower time of year before the non-stop rush when it starts to warm up.  Perfect time to plant the seeds for new session types, new product offerings and better things for my clients and family.

Rather than having a new years resolution, I figured a list of goals to achieve was a better idea for me.  I have always been a goal setter and for a time I got away from doing something I know works.

1. Find a intern to help with workflow and graphic design.  This will free me up to shoot more and spend more time with my clients and family doing fun stuff.

2.  Set normal work hours and develop a manageable work-flow.  I need to plan my time and not have my time plan me.

3.  Move into a house that has a designated studio area. I love, love, love lifestyle portraiture but when it’s 27 degree’s outside who wants to shoots beach portraits?

4. Buy some real studio lights vs. Nikon flashes.  Using Nikon SB800’s work most of the time real well and are small and portable.  Sometimes big softboxes, strip lights and modeling lamps just work better.

5. Take a real road trip with the family, see the USA.  I have a class reunion in August in Oregon and I am hoping to drive there.  My son Sid has never driven cross country, we have always flown.  He will be 17 and this is the year.

6.  Have coffee with a new friend once a week.

7.  Meet 5 new amazing clients each week.

8.  Create a newsletter that has been on my mind for awhile.  Offer specials and discounts that give people enough time to take advantage of them.  This is going to be a challenge but It’s important.

9.  Have 10 displays/exhibits going all the time around Hampton Roads.  My canvas vendors are going to love me this year.

10. A complete makeover of  my website and blog.  Bigger splashier more colorful images, same fresh, modern and fun style.

11. Bigger commitment to local charities for auctions and event coverage.  You get what you give.

12.  Make sure my wife Michele and my children know they are the most important thing to me.

Posts without photograph’s are just boring so here is one of my fav’s of last year.


Nikki – 2009 Chesapeake Senior Video

August 8, 2008 2 comments

I spent a few hours making this video last night for Nikki.  As always YouTube really degrades the quality.   These are great for your Ipod, Iphone, MySpace, or Facebook accounts. 

Chesapeake H.S. Senior Pictures – “The Urban Session”

July 24, 2008 5 comments

Nikki sent me an email last month about doing some future modeling and becoming one of my senior ambassadors for 2009.  She is a rising senior at a local high school and we met in Olde Towne Portsmouth for our “Urban Session”.   It was crazy hot, she and her mom were real troopers in the heat.  As you can see she is a real knockout and I think looks a lot like Kate Beckinsale. 

I enjoy working with seniors and creating these urban style images.  Something fun, edgy with a big splash of fashion and glamour thrown in.  Best of luck Nikki in 2009 on all your acheivements in your senior year.

Portsmouth HS Senior Pictures

June 26, 2008 3 comments

I am always looking for great places to do outdoor sessions and the waterfront around Olde Towne Portsmouth is really nice around the Renaissance Hotel.  These are a couple of Cartay, he really warmed up after a few shots and I think had a blast being a model for the day.  

I am still looking for Senior Ambassadors for the Southside of Hampton Roads so give me a call to request an application.  Get some great pictures and save your parents some money too.

Wanted: Hampton Roads High School Seniors

February 22, 2008 2 comments


Class of 2009 we need you NOW! We are currently looking for student models to represent our studio.   Apply Now!



Studio 757 Photography has created an Ambassador Program for the incoming seniors for southside Hampton Roads area high schools. Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk & Portsmouth.   This program has afforded many students the ability be a student model and to save money on their senior portrait order. 

This program provides us with the names and the addresses to send information and special offers throughout their senior year.  Below please find a synopsis of the program highlighting how you and Studio 757 can benefit from this special relationship. 


• You are a student model for our studio

• Amazing portfolio to use as a sales tool

• (You can earn it free)

• Discounts on your order

• Free Family Session

• “Friends Day” to help you encourage other to come to Studio 757

• This outdoor session is free for names which are submitted within one week of Studio Meeting and/ or acceptance into our program


• Enthusiastic Models

• Names and Addresses of the students in your class

• Great word of mouth advertising 



Give us a call (757) 560-2997 or email us:  your name and address and we’ll send you an ambassador application.   If selected we’ll call you for an interview date where we’ll discuss the program in further detail to determine if this program is right for you.   After you have been accepted into the program, we’ll set up your session dates and get your promotional material created.

 Ask about our videos for your MySpace or Ipod.