Wedding and Portrait Album Options

I recently started using Pictage as my preferred printing partner and for my online proofing. I have decided to let them handle my album orders too for the time being.

Here are two of the direct to consumer options that they have.  The first is their Art Book and it is offered in two different sizes:  6″x6″ and 7.5″x7.5″.  

Product Highlights

Thicker Pages: Art Books feature thicker, glossy paper that looks great.






The other consumer direct book they offer is called the Memory Book.  It is smaller in size and great for keeping in your purse to show off to your friends and family.  Available sizes are 5″x5″ and 7″x7″.


Product Highlights

Matte hard cover in 8 different color choices

Personalized cover image and text

Up to 400 images bound into a single book

One image per page with these

These albums are affordably priced from $139 and up depending upon the number of images and the size of the book. They are a great option compared to some wedding books which are priced into the thousands.  Call me if you have any questions, I also offer more traditional style albums and proofing magazines too.


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