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Shooting Raw, Capture & 1.8 lens

I have always taken pictures shooting JPEG format but everything I read says you need to shoot in raw then convert.  AJ my son came over yesterday and before we took him in for a major haircut, I said lets stop by city park for a few pictures while you have the long hair.  For him that is very long. 

I downloaded Nikon Capture software so I could convert the Raw format and used the post processing that the software offers.  I have used it before but it had been awhile so I played with the settings quite a bit before I was happy with the outcome of the pictures.  I need to really spend some time with Capture and get my monitor calibrated too.  I tend to overdo it and Michele picked up on it right away and said tone them down, they don’t look natural.

I had a few more minutes with the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens yesterday.  I really feel more comfortable with the zoom lens that came with the camera and that is mostly because most of the camera’s I have owned had a zoom lens.  With the fixed 50 lens your feet become the adjustment but there is no denying the quality of this lens, the bokah and clarity of what comes out.  There is still some improvement to acheive with this lens but I am very happy that I have it.  Here are several pictures that I took yesterday. 

The first one is a little over done, did I overdo the adjustments in Capture? If you would like to comment that would be great.  I think number 2 turned out the best.





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