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Portfolio Building 7/5 to 9/5 and then..

I have been taking photographs as an amateur photographer since I was 12 years old.  I have always enjoyed event and sports photography and took thousands of pictures in Jr. high, Sr. high and in college for the yearbook. 

For the past two decades my photography has been mostly used to document my family events, car events I have attended and travels we have taken.  It has served me well as a way to explore my artistic side since drawing and painting were definately out of the question (I suck).

In the past year or so I have been looking at all my options as a mid-life career change and keep coming back to photography as something I have always loved and have a passion for.  Currently by day I am a successful mild mannered mortgage banker.

I am in the process of developing a professional portfolio and taking images that capture your life and that have “WOW” .  You know like the Microsoft commercials.

If you live the Hampton Roads area and would like some semi-professional photography done I am booking sessions now.  For the next sixty days 7/05 to 9/05 your session time will be free in exchange for use in my blog, website development in the portfolio section, and on Flickr.  If you want prints made they will be at cost only.  You will recieve a free CD with the images for your personal use.  Can’t get much cheaper than free can you?

Things I have an interest in shooting are portraits, headshots, seniors, trash the dress sessions, corporate executives and events.  I am available as a second shooter for weddings and larger events where two photographers are needed.  I really need to shoot some weddings and engagement sessions to complete my portfolio.

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